Saving the Ocean:

In order to combat both rising sea levels and rampant pollution in both the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean a threefold operation is being constructed: (see below)

Rising Sea Levels:

By helping to eliminate Greenhouse Gases we will prevent further Polar ice from melting. Directly however we plan on developing more efficient and cheaper desalination methods to hopefully turn sea water into fresh water for agriculture and possibly drinking water to reduce the amount of sea water on a global scale.


To eliminate both the Pacific and Atlantic Garbage patch our plan is to send collection vessels out to sea to collect the plastic and garbage. The majority of which can be recycled and used to build inexpensive homes in developing Countries.

Clean Technology:

We are currently in the design process, soon to be prototype stage, of developing Solar and Wind turbine powered vessels capable of carrying thousands of tons of cargo than can hopefully replace current pollutive vessels. We are also developing filtration methods for microplastics in the ocean.