Who we are

Not long ago the realization was made that if our Global Community's present course was not altered then this current generation will finally pay the price for decades of shortsighted recklessness. Paying the price would mean condemning our children to an unlivable environment that will mean the end of our species. We believe taking the situation too seriously is wiser than not taking it serious enough when billions of lives could be at risk.


This nonprofit was formed to have the flexibility and determination to do exactly what needs to be done to restore the planet to how it was before the industrial revolution and save our future. Creativity and perseverance are what defines us.


Our organization consists of our awareness team, our engineer/scientist responsible for creating the necessary technology, and our supporters. Our only expenses will be patenting our technology so that no one else patents and prevents us from using our own technology. We are planning events, fundraisers and banquets for the near future and will update you with our progress regularly.


If you want to be involved in any way we would love for that to happen, our contact info can be found under Contact Us.

-The Sweet Water team